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                                                     Milestones is a nationally accredited non-profit                                                                  organization whose mission is to improve cognitive,                                                          physical and psychological function, as well as nurture                                                      the emotional health of members of our community                                                        through therapeutic horseback riding activities.


Milestones strives to assist each rider to become an innovative and productive member of the community by building independence, self-confidence, and social skills in a fun and loving environment.


In October 2015 and May 2017, BAMA and Toyota members volunteered at Milestones helping with facility management projects, including:


• Fence Repair (Disassemble, straighten posts, reassemble)

• Building a Fence

• Painting (Fence, Barn, House)

• Hanging plywood in a barn

• Creating large barn doors




Equestrian Achievement Program

Philanthropic Activity Information

Building a shelter, May '17

 In October 2015, BAMA was also fortunate enough to donate $6,500 to Milestones, Inc. while there to continue their work with various training programs. 


BAMA and Toyota volunteers completed many large projects during the course of the day and made a big impact on the Milestones organization and volunteers. Everyone involved was amazed at all the work that was completed. 


To see more photos of all the work completed that day click HERE to be taken to the BAMA photo gallery. 



Click the icon below to read Milestone's latest newsletter highlighting BAMA's visit!

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